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Ideas anyone?

Posted by RetellaVII - December 20th, 2008

Ok, I've been bored for a while.

You know when you're having a hard time finding ideas for new songs/pictures/etc?
I was wondering if anybody could inspire me by giving me a few ideas for a song.

I've been having this problem all week.
I haven't the slightest bit of inspiration. It has been annoying the hell out of me.
I have been contemplating this single thought for days on end:What do I want to write a song about?

So I have a question: What do you want me to write a song about?
I need some ideas. Any will be appreciated.


Comments (2)

How about writing a song that you can chill out to? Something relaxing

The advice I'm about to give is for instrumental parts only, so if that's not what you needed help with then delete this comment. Another thing about this is that it's only advice due to my own experience.
Anyways, seven things most people forget about instrumental parts that most composers should remember.
1. Dont just finish with it sounding nice, make sure the players actually put some feeling into it. After all, any computer could play the notes and human instrumental players would not be needed, but only humans can add emotions to the music.
2. The instrumental parts go with the words of the song, but that doesn't mean that one can't make an instrumental part before the words.
3. Given the previous 2, if you ever lack motivation go watch a touching movie or show, maybe read a touching book or even picture book, and try and compose something that fit's the feelings you have afterwards, or maybe try expressing it in words.
4. If a song doesn't sound right, don't just throw it away, maybe you should just change a few things with it to make it sound better.
5. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. One thing some of the most amazing songs do is portray an image, even without the lyrics to shape it.
6. Don't just forget about any instrument when adding accompaniments or counter melodies, but don't be obsessive and try making parts for each one. Some things are and some things aren't meant to be.
7. If you want to find a good beat to start with, listen to other peoples music.

Hope that's some help.